10 Very Best Halloween Games for Adults

10 Very Best Halloween Games for Adults

It is possible that we are too old for trick or treating, but we are never too old for Halloween fun. Even those who do not prefer to dress up and become part of the spirit of these spooky-themed games. With these Halloween Games for Adults, your guests will have great fun this night as special as Halloween night.

Here, we will present you eight fun and simple games that will not take much time to prepare:

The Best Halloween Games for Adults:


Drink or Treat

Halloween Games for Adults

Halloween Games for Adults

This game is inspired by the usual Halloween trick or treating, while the difference is being done with drinks instead of candy and playing around the house and rooms. Players are visiting different parts of the house where they will discover Halloween-themed beverages along the way. A detail may include the prescription of different cocktails at the place where drinks are placed.

You will need Trays with prepared cocktails.


Halloween Movie Trivia

Before guests arrive, prepare cards with trivial questions such as Halloween classic movies on them. Write the answers in the back, and your guests have to ask each other about their knowledge of the scariest movies. You can leave these cards around the guests to play, or they can become a competitive group activity.

You will need Cards with questions.


Guess who

Halloween Games for Adults

Halloween Games for Adults

Keep your guests entertained all night. When they arrive, put a small paper with an adhesive tape to everyone on their backs with the name of a Halloween movie character on it. They’ll have to ask all night to get clues to help them get closer to the solution and to guess which character they are. This guessing game can also help to break the ice.

You will need Paper with the names of the characters and the adhesive tape.


Couples memory

Place cards in different spaces of the house with Halloween characters and concepts. Make two identical cards for each character and place them in different areas. Your guests will discover the card and have to remember where she/he have seen the couple on that card.

You will need Two cards of each character.


Concentration decoration

Halloween Games for Adults

Halloween Games for Adults

If you like decoration, this game of cards with questions will make that your guests appreciate your creepy theming even more. Before the party, make cards with questions about details of decoration that your friends (in groups) will try to answer. Each question must refer to detail of your Halloween decoration in the room. For example: “Name five creatures found in the living room.” Your friends will have to pay attention to your environment and to respond correctly. The first group which answers as many questions correctly wins.

You will need Halloween decoration and cards.


Biting the apple

This game seems like a classic Halloween party game for adults. It is an entertaining game, and you’ll probably enjoy more with your guests. You can play it in many ways; you only need a bowl or a small inflatable pool, a few blocks away, friends and the will to spend fun time.

One of the ways to play this game is to put five apples in the water and guests have to try to catch them only with the help of their teeth. There is also one, somewhat more complicated variant and involves attendees have to catch the apples but being blindfolded. The way to find the bowl is thanks to a team member who will guide you with directions to “Right, left, up and down.”

You will need Apples, water, bowl, and the blindfold.


Make a costume contest

Halloween Games for Adults

Halloween Games for Adults

This is a fun way to encourage your guests to make efforts and put creativity into their costumes. When most of your guests have arrived, you can make a small parade for showing their creativity. Then your guests can vote on which costume they liked more. Make sure to get a prize for your winners!

You will need a Prize for the winner of the costume contest while your guests should already have a costume.


Create a scary story for Halloween

As the dark and Halloween decoration begins to take effect, it is the time when the horror stories come. Sitting in a circle each guest takes out a piece of paper that has previously been put in a bowl with three basic ingredients that should have every story and proceed to tell it. This is important to create excellent lighting and the necessary environment thanks to the hundreds of accessories for parties that already exist for these occasions.

You will need: Bowl and paper

Team Ponly