65 Hilarious Baseball Puns

65 Hilarious Baseball Puns

Baseball. The great American pastime that’s become an international phenomenon played in over 70 countries around the world, maybe more, and for good reason. It requires skill, it’s exciting, and it provides a great option for an enjoyable family outing.

Yup, baseball is fun, but did you know that it can be funny too? 

We’ve decided to throw you a curveball with a full count of the 65 best baseball puns ever. You’re going to love them, and make sure to warn those around you in case you foul out by laughing out loud.

So, without further ado or waiting for the 7th inning stretch, let us take you out to the pun-park.

Home Run Puns

Baltimore’s favorite dessert is bunt cake with Orioles ice cream.

Dracula is batty for baseball.

That comedian is such a screwball. He loves to throw laughs.

Faster than a slowball. More powerful than a missed hit. Able to leap the pitcher’s mound in a single bound. It’s Blooper Man.

Hank T. Dog, the Milwaukee Brewers’ mascot, loves to play ball.

Vampire bats drink blood. Umpire bats chew tobacco.

Baseball players are known to binge watch the “Bat to the Future” movies.

My favorite baseball movies are the Lord of the Bases trilogy: “The Fellowship of the Championship Ring”, “The Two Power Hitters”, and “The Return of the Home Run King”.

Luke Basewalker was known to say “May the forced error be with you”.

His fastball was so fast, they made a movie about it – “Gone with the Wind-Up”

I was sorely disappointed when I learned that “Pitch Perfect” wasn’t about the 24 pitchers who threw perfect games. 

The relief pitcher was stressed out when they called him to the mound.

Many pinch hitters warm up at the DMV to work on their line drives.

The feared wrestler, Hank the Tank Aaron, is really a coward. He frequently tags out.

Mike Trout likes to ump up the music before taking the field.

Don’t you just glove an out-of-park home run?

Baseball psychologists recommend rolling with the punch-outs.

Baseball fans in Los Angeles find it hard to dodge traffic.

A former electrician, Barry became the league’s top switch-hitter.

The little league player thought it was really cool when he saw his pops flying.

The home-run hitter grand-slammed the table when he was taken out of the game.

A baseball pitcher turned university professor is called a know-hitter.

They were one hit short of inning.

The vegetarian catcher threw his meat on the plate.

The Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Orioles can’t avoid hitting fowl balls.

In Texas you can often find cattle ranging on baseball fields.

Denver’s Coors Stadium Rockies and rolls every time the bases are loaded.

In Chicago you will never see a cub wearing white socks.

It’s a tuna. No, it’s a swordfish. No, it’s a Miami Marlin.

Visiting teams to San-Francisco’s Oracle Park are afraid of waking the sleeping Giants.

Detroit Tigers players advance from base to base one paw at a time.

Detroit’s anthem is “The Eye of the Tigers”.

The greatest baseball comebacks in history were dugout of nowhere.

The Mariners of Seattle have never been able to navigate their team to the world series.

1871 saw the beginning of a Braves new world (The Atlanta Braves are the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in America).

The first base coach gave a foul tip to the batter who practically handed the catcher the ball.

What do pancakes and baseball players have in common? “Batter up”.

Gardeners that play baseball usually hit ground balls.

Question: Why does our home team always strike out when the bases are full? Response: “Hmm, that’s a loaded question”.

The police had their hands full with all the reports of “hit and runs” at the baseball stadium.

My wife loves emeralds and my daughter, rubies. My personal favorites are baseball diamonds.

Unbeknownst to my girlfriend, I was planning on proposing to her today at the baseball game, out in left field.

Whether it’s a triple hit or a triple play, three’s never a crowd in baseball.

Every player has his game, and some games last longer than others. (Winston Catchill).

Pittsburgh claims it should be called the “Golden City” because of its treasured Pirates.

A shortstop’s favorite literary style is flash fiction.

Nobody could explain why the runner stopped short of third base.

Ugh, I just got hit by a spitball.

The coach couldn’t stop balling after the home loss.

After a particularly hard training session, all the outfielder wanted to do was slide home.

How are pitchers and matadors alike? They both train in bullpens.

Kids that play catch in the street are experts at throwing curb-balls.

The bat was mitten with the baseball.

Cincinnati’s most popular children’s book is “Two base One base Reds base Blue base”.

Don’t balk, the pitcher’s got it handled.

The game was a blowout. It was a real walk in the park for the winners.

Baseball singer “Steal” is widely known for his songs “Kiss from Pete Rose” and “Fly like an eagle out of the park”.

Be it the Lindy Hop or the Jitterbug, baseball players love to swing.

The umpire called a strike, and all of the players walked off the field.

Charlie Chump-Hitter is seen more frequently on-deck on his yacht, than on the field.

What could be better than a designated hitter with a batter personality?

Two bases for the price of one. It’s a steal!

Only two runs were aloud in the game between the Smithville Silencers and the Knoxville No-Talkers.

Joe Jalopie was rundown between first and second base.

We were sure that the batter was down for the full count, but he came through with the winning run.

And here are a few other sort-of-puns, for good measure.

Wow! Those bench players dug their team out of a huge hole to win the game.

In San-Francisco they like to say that you don’t need to be an Oracle to know that the Giants will take the pennant.

The catcher never liked rye bread.

Detroit’s sports chant: “Lions, and Tigers, and Redwings, oh my!”

The rookie played hooky to eat a cookie.

If striking out is failing to hit the ball, does striking in mean hitting the catcher?

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