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Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio have an instant connection. Sparks fly between these two!

Both signs deeply value authenticity, and they will be magnetized to each other’s quick wit and mystery. Virgo and Scorpio hold their emotions close, but once they open up to each other, their bond will be deep, intimate, and hard to break.

Virgo/Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio are immediately attracted to each other’s air of mystery. Conversation flows easily, as they find each other extremely interesting. Virgo wants Scorpio to reveal their secrets, and Scorpio wants to see how much they can “corrupt” the seemingly innocent Virgo. Virgo and Scorpio see through each other’s façades.

Virgo is a clear communicator, while Scorpio is a bit more abstract. Scorpio loves listening to verbose Virgo, which makes Virgo feel appreciated and safe. Virgo is shocked and pleasantly surprised by Scorpio’s upfrontness, which the mutable earth sign quickly adapts to. These two quickly learn each other’s communication styles.

Both signs are empathetic, intuitive, and observant. This builds a quick bond between the two, because they see what others don’t! Scorpio always has the inside scoop, and Virgo loves a good investigation. This friendship has lots of inside jokes, quick banter, and all the juicy gossip.

This is a fiercely loyal pairing. Virgo provides Scorpio the stability they crave, and Scorpio helps Virgo delve deeper into their emotional depths. It’ll be hard to break this friendship up.

Virgo/Scorpio Romantic Relationship Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio are absolutely electrified by one another. Sparks fly when these two meet, and the flirting is intense!

Virgo is energized by Scorpio’s edgy authenticity, and the two share keen wit. Scorpio is exhilarated by Virgo’s incisiveness. They love pushing each other’s buttons, and they keep each other on their toes!

Scorpio can come across as brooding, moody, and evasive. This can be intimidating to some, but Virgo’s observant nature lets them quickly see Scorpio is wearing a mask—which draws them in! Virgo loves a good puzzle, and Scorpio loves the attention. Once Virgo has gotten past Scorpio’s enigmatic front, they see that Scorpio is actually a deeply sensitive person. Scorpio lets their emotions flow freely once they lower their guard. Virgo makes them feel safe enough to show their true colors.

While Virgo plays this fun, flirty game with Scorpio, they are also taking the time they need to feel safe being vulnerable. Virgo needs to make sure they have enough information to move forward, so they take this time to observe Scorpio and to assess their own feelings. This pair will open up to each other piece by piece, and it’s an exhilarating journey for them both!

Neither likes small-talk, so Virgo and Scorpio don’t waste time before tackling big topics. Virgo can join Scorpio in their esoteric wanderings, and Scorpio can give Virgo a nonjudgmental space to explore. Virgo seeks truth, while Scorpio seeks emotional honesty. These desires together let them explore even more expansive ideas than they could alone. Earthy Virgo brings objectivity, while fluid Scorpio provides spiritual complexity.

Virgo and Scorpio both guard their emotions, but once they’ve established trust, this pair builds an immensely deep bond. Safety and trust are top priorities. Once committed, Scorpio wants to merge souls. As long as Virgo’s practical needs are met, they’re ready to follow Scorpio into the unknown.

This pairing builds an intense, passionate connection which can lead to a deep, passionate love.

Both signs will need alone time. Scorpio needs a kind of privacy that doesn’t always make sense to Virgo, but allows Virgo their needed space to reset. In a healthy pairing, these two can respect each other’s need for independence. This intermittent distance can even strengthen Virgo’s desire for Scorpio, as they can get bored easily.

Stubbornness is common in this coupling. Virgo’s perfectionism means they always have to be right, and Scorpio’s emotionality can make them dig their heels in. Arguments may get bigger than necessary. Virgo has a tendency to hold a grudge, so Scorpio may have to give them a win now and again by admitting early on that they are wrong. Virgo needs to remember that problems can have more than one solution, and needs to be more affirming of Scorpio’s emotions (even if they don’t “make sense”).

Scorpio has a tendency to close down at times, which can make Virgo paranoid that their loyalty is not reciprocal. Virgo needs to be given the opportunity to help Scorpio, even with the little things, or they will feel shut out. Virgo shows love by performing acts of service, and if Scorpio takes these for granted, Virgo will feel unseen. Scorpio needs Virgo to understand that some problems are their own to solve.

This couple needs to check in with each other regularly to avoid resentment. As long as they are communicative and can humble themselves in the face of disagreement, this is an extremely strong pairing with the possibility for long-term happiness.

Virgo/Scorpio Sex Compatibility

The sex between these two is powerful. Scorpio, ruled by the sex organs, exudes sexual energy. Virgo is immediately drawn to Scorpio’s sexual confidence. Scorpio wants to see what’s underneath Virgo’s “virginal” exterior, and they will work to get it. Virgo hides their sexuality, but Scorpio will be pleased to see how open Virgo truly is. Virgo loves being pursued, so when Scorpio shows their interest, Virgo is even more drawn in.

Scorpio sweeps Virgo into deeply personal and emotionally intimate sex. This might be overwhelming at first, but Virgo will quickly get past any hang-ups when they realize that Scorpio is in their element. Scorpio can be pretty kinky, and Virgo’s mutability makes them open to sexual experimentation. Both are intuitive and empathetic, so they are extremely receptive lovers.

Virgo gets sexual gratification from their partner’s pleasure, and Scorpio does not hide their enjoyment. As this pair get to know each other more deeply, the sex will only get better. Sex between Virgo and Scorpio is fun, passionate, and constantly changing.

Scorpio brings a deep emotional element to the bedroom that will have Virgo head over heels. The sex between these two can be absolutely life-changing!

Virgo/Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

With solid trust and communication, this couple can have a fulfilling life together. Virgo and Scorpio are both goal-oriented signs, and together they can be a powerhouse team. They’re practical and realistic about their aspirations. Scorpio has a fiery determination, while Virgo has a practical drive. This pair can trust each other to be responsible with joint financial and home matters.

A mature Virgo/Scorpio couple will thrive. Virgo can handle Scorpio’s unpredictable mood shifts without taking them too personally, and Scorpio needs someone like Virgo to be their rock. Scorpio can handle Virgo’s stubbornness, and may even find it endearing. Once these two know each other well, they can take things more lightly.

If the pair spend too much concentrated time together too quickly, they may start to resent each other. Alone time is essential, and the two need to communicate regularly about how they’re feeling in the relationship to avoid conflict.

Scorpio needs space for their own adventures—their whole life cannot be centered around Virgo. Virgo needs breathing room to think, reflect, and recharge. Without time alone, Virgo feels out of control.

Virgo might see Scorpio’s intense emotionality as dramatic at times, which can make Virgo irritable. Virgo is a natural caretaker, but if they’re not in the right state of mind, they may get overwhelmed by the size of Scorpio’s emotions. Scorpio may feel trapped when Virgo insists on having all the information. Despite these signs’ independent natures, their deep bond gives them an urge to connect every part of their lives. This pair needs to remember that boundaries are healthy and necessary.

Communication and compromise are key. Virgo needs to work on their perfectionism. Scorpio needs to curb their sensitivity. Both need to tap into their natural empathy and celebrate their unique differences (which brought them together in the first place!).

Virgo provides Scorpio a needed level of predictability, which allows Scorpio to create a nonjudgmental environment where the two can explore their inner worlds. Both signs crave stability, and with trust they can weather many storms.

Compatibility in Percentages

  • Trust: 80%
  • Emotions: 75%
  • Intellect: 95%
  • Values: 90%
  • Sex: 100%
  • Activities: 60%

Why are Scorpios and Virgos so attracted to each other?

They both exude mystery! Scorpio does so on purpose, and Virgo can tell they’re holding their cards close. Virgo likes a puzzle, so this initial game is extremely fun for them. Scorpio wants to see if they can bring out the seemingly-innocent Virgo’s bad side. Virgo will open up incrementally, and Scorpio will show their cards one by one. This fiery match will keep each other interested with the tactful, deliberate way they hold their secrets from each other (as long as they eventually let each other in). Both signs want to open the other up, and they often succeed! They are both extremely flirty right off the bat, and find each other irresistible due to this mystery.

What should Virgo and Scorpio do to avoid fights?

Virgo needs to accept that they can’t always be right. Scorpio can help avoid small arguments by admitting when they’re wrong. This will help the pair move on when Virgo is being too picky, and will prevent Scorpio from feeling like they’re wasting their time on something insignificant.

Both need to make sure they’re validating each other. Virgo loves to nurture, so Scorpio needs to learn to accept help more than they usually might. This will avoid resentment from Virgo in the long-run. Virgo needs to validate Scorpio’s emotions, even if they sometimes see them as dramatic or unrealistic. These signs are both empathetic, and need to extend that to each other even after they get comfortable.

Do Virgo and Scorpio have a close bond?

Yes! Both signs deeply value genuineness. Scorpio brings honesty to the table at the beginning, which shocks Virgo and immediately piques their interest. These two are quick, witty, and find each other endlessly interesting. Scorpio feeds off deep conversations, and Virgo loves to engage if they’re in the right headspace. These two connect on a very deep level, and even if it takes them a while to get there, their mutual interest will keep them going.

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