Pisces Woman: The Empathetic Psychic

Have you found yourself bewitched by the mysticism of a Pisces woman? She’s in her own little world half the time but is incredibly empathetic, […]

Aquarius Woman: The Eccentric Innovator

So, you’ve found yourself dazed by the enchanting ways of an Aquarius woman? She’s unique, opinionated, incredibly open-minded, and different. She’s born between January 20th […]

Capricorn Woman: The Career Goat

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Cancer Woman: The Nurturing Mother

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Libra Woman: The Charmer

Have you found yourself utterly charmed by a Libra woman? She’s an elegant, peaceful, and artistic woman. She’s born between September 23rd and October 22nd, […]

Sagittarius Woman: The Free Spirit

Have you found yourself trying to pin down a Sagittarius Woman? She’s an adventurer, a learner, and an optimist born between November 22nd and December […]