73 Life Is Too Short Quotes

Count the moments that take your breath away, life is too short.

Every person on Earth is living on borrowed time and we never know when it will suddenly come to an abrupt end. Many people waste their lives on heedless luxury and on meaningless activities.

Only when faced with death do we realize that life has passed without us even noticing it.

Therefore, life is not short; we make it short. We are not ill-supplied of adventures but wasteful of the opportunities. We need to engage in activities that scare us because life is too short for “what if‘s”

Here are some inspiring quotes to help you understand how short life really is:


73 Life is Too Short Quotes


1. Life is too short to hide your feelings so don’t be afraid to say exactly how you feel.


2. In the end of it all we should not count the amount of breaths we’ve taken but instead the amount of moments that have taken our breath away.


3. Learn from your old mistakes and start making new mistakes. Life is too short to make the same mistake twice.


4. Life is too short to force someone to love as wholeheartedly as you do.


5. Life is too short to be anything other than happy.


6. If something makes you happy, risk it all. Life is too short and happiness is too rare.


7. Life is too short to so smile while you still have teeth.


8. Life is too short to have regrets.


9. Life is too short to worry about if you’re wearing matching socks.


10. Life is too short to worry about what others think of you. Have fun and give them something interesting to talk about.

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11. Life is too short to miss out on being happy.


12. Don’t punish yourself for anything, life is too short and too fragile.


13. Life is too short to say no to that brownie


14. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.


15. Life is too short to relive the same day over and over again.


16. It’s a very short life so go after what sets your heart on fire.


17. Life is too short so learn to love the one you’ve got.


18. Kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances and never regret anything because life is too short.


19. Life is too short so don’t spend it being bored, angry or dull.


— 20th of 73 Life is Too Short Quotes

20. Live like a king not like a soldier, life is too short.


21. Life is too short to wait for anything.


22. Life is too short to waste time with anyone who doesn’t appreciate or value you


23. Life is too short to remove the USB safely.


24. Life is short, death is forever.


25. Life is too short to not have fun with your outfits.


26. Love with your whole heart because you never know if you’ll be able to show your love tomorrow


27. A person who lives fully is prepared to die at any given time.


28. Life is too short to skip the whipped cream


29. The life is too short to be distracted about things so focus on each day’s activities whole heartedly.


30. In the end, time takes all the materialistic things, all that you’re left with are the memories.

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31. Life is too short to be at war with yourself.


32. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you need to keep moving.


33. You were given a life to live, try something new and don’t be afraid of a newer and richer experience.


34. If you want something, work for it. Life is to short to wish for things.


35. Don’t wish your life away waiting for better days to come, make each day better yourself.


36. You should always have an adventure lined up, excitement fuels a happy life.


37. Being happy never goes out of fashion.


38. Life is too short to prove everyone wrong.


39. Life is too short to leave words unspoken.


— 40th of 73 Life is Too Short Quotes

40. You should celebrate every single moment and every single achievement because life is too short.


41. Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream.


42. Rather be the person that says “I messed up” instead of “I wish I did that”


43. Life is too short to complain about silly things.


44. Life is too short to miss out on a beautiful thing called a double cheeseburger with fries.


45. Life is too short to not laugh at embarrassing situations.


46. Life is a beauty, admire it


47. Every moment of life is precious, therefore there’s always a reason to appreciate it, be grateful for it and celebrate the fact that you’re alive.


48. If you’re always racing to the next moment you will lose sight of the moment you’re in. Slow down and enjoy the moment.


49. Live your life as if there’s no future to worry about.


50. Tomorrow does not make any promises so live for today because life is too short to worry.


51. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will create the fact.


52. Live everyday as if it were going to be your last because one day you’ll be right.


53. Life is too short to worry about what people who exist in a free app on your phone think of you.


54. Hop, skip and jump while your knees still allow you to.


55. As you breathe, another person takes their last breath so enjoy your life as much as you an.


56. Life is too short to get caught up on things that don’t matter in the long run.


57. The most beautiful things in life are not things. They are people, places, memories and pictures.


58. Lifetime happiness is an inside job.


59. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present. Life is too short for procrastination.


— 60th of 73 Life is Too Short Quotes

60. Make the rest of your life the best of your life.


61. Those that are unable to see the precious things in life are unable to be truly happy.


62. A happy life is goal and adventure orientated, it is not tied to a person or a thing.


63. Life is short so when the waiter asks if you want dessert just say yes.


64. Life is too short to worry about what makes other people happy.


65. It’s your choice, get busy living or get busy dying.


66. You only live once but if you do it right then that’s all you need.


67. You can’t live a full life if you’re scared of anyone or anything.


68. Sing like no one is listening and love like you’ve never been hurt because life is too short.


69. Live without hesitation.


70. Life is about making an impact not and income.


71. The best way to predict your future is to create it.


72. Life is too short to believe in mistakes rather than opportunities.


73. Never take life so seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.


74. Life is not lost by dying, it is lost in all the small uncaring ways.


75. Don’t be fooled by the calendar. You decide how many fulfilling days there are in a year.

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