5 Very Best Halloween Games for Kids

5 Very Best Halloween Games for Kids

The most requested are Halloween games for kids because they are those who most enjoy the Halloween party. Normally, Halloween games are very simple so they can play them without too many complications, and they can enjoy with the older ones at the Halloween party.

If you want to see what Halloween games for kids you can organize for this long-awaited festival for the smallest of the house, read this article in which we will explain various options in detail.


The Best Halloween Games for Kids:

Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids | image source: blog.mrcostumes.com

A piñata game for Halloween

One of the games children for Halloween the best known and popular throughout the world is the game of piñata. It can be done in many parties, but is ideal for Halloween, because you can fill the piñata with candy and other toys related to this celebration. It is very easy to play this game, you just have to buy a piñata at any costume shop or toys and once at home, hang adapted to a smaller height so they can get all the candy and toys.

The dynamics of the activity are very easy, you have to blindfold the children, give them a few laps to the sidelines, and give them a stick to make them try to break the piñata and to collect everything inside once fall to the ground.

If you have some time or want to entertain your children with a fun craft, you cannot miss the piñata in the form of the skull, it is ideal for the festival on October 31.


Pumpkin decorating contest

Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids

On this occasion, we propose organizing a contest for children on Halloween. You’ll get that they spend some time most amusing and sharpen their wits at once. It is about challenging them to decorate a pumpkin with a Halloween theme. The one who make the most terrifying, creepy and original design wins.

To do this, you need to buy several small pumpkins (one for each child) and different materials to characterize and decorate as paints, stickers, glitter, accessories, etc. With this, they can get down to work. We recommend that you cover the worktable with the paper tablecloth or newspapers to avoid staining or scratching, and do not give to children sharp objects as they could injure themselves. It is always advisable to have an adult controlling the activity to offer help if needed and put a specific time to perform the task.

In order that children make this activity more eager and all of them receive their deserved reward, you can prepare different treats for different categories. Such as, giving a prize for the funniest pumpkin, the scariest pumpkin, etc. Undoubtedly, this is one of the favorite children’s games for Halloween for children from the house and their friends invited to spend the best night of fear.


Vampire, ghost!

Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids | image source: pumpkinhunt.com

The children sit in a circle. The game begins walking outside the circle patting them on the head and saying “Ghost, ghost …“At one point, he says “Vampire! “ The chosen child gets up and have to catch him before he takes his place in the circle. If it fails, the vampire he is.


Secret message

Divide the children into teams of 3 or more. Before the party, you have to hide a number of “ghost” around the house or garden. These ghosts are covered lollipops with white tissue paper with “neck” tied with ribbon, string or a rubber band. Each “ghost” has written a letter. The letters are forming Halloween words such as “pumpkin”, “witch”, “fear”, “horror”, “grave”, etc. The teams have to keep looking for “ghost” until they can form a word (exchanges with other teams allowed). For small children can make this easier: Draw a series of images on the “ghosts”. The winning team is the first to find three identical images.


Halloween mazes

Another of the best children’s games for Halloween is to make mazes related to the theme of this festival. You just have to go online and print mazes with drawings of witches or monsters with different difficulties for children to make them all, from easiest to most difficult. What you can do to motivate children is to give them a gift or candy for each maze they get solved. They will have a lot of fun!


Pass the pumpkin

Halloween Games for Kids: Pass the pumpkin

Halloween Games for Kids: Pass the pumpkin

Halloween game “Pass the pumpkin” is a game for children. This game is about passing pumpkins to the rhythm of a song of Halloween. This is not a competition, but an entertaining game to have fun with friends on Halloween night.


  1. 1 pumpkin
  2. Halloween songs


  1. Children should sit in a circle
  2. When you start the song pumpkin has to go from hands, of one child to another.
  3. When the music ends, the child with pumpkin in hands will be eliminated. And so on, until they got a winner.
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