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Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

The moon is the closest celestial body to planet Earth, and that is why we can feel its influence very strongly, especially when it changes its phase.

This satellite has a 28-day cycle, reaching its peak in the Full Moon phase. The moon represents our emotions, family, and comfort zone in astrology.

The Full Moon marks the end of a cycle, so it is an excellent time to reap the fruits of your efforts and let go of those relationships or projects that no longer serve your most authentic self.

Read on and discover the different Full Moon rituals to help you make the most of this moment.

What Exactly is a Full Moon Ritual? 

New Moons represent the beginning of a new cycle where we can sow the seeds of our intentions.

We can observe how those seeds grew during the Full Moon and harvest the fruits of whatever we started when the Moon and Sun were in conjunction during the New Moon.

Full Moon rituals are meant to amplify its effects and take better advantage of its opportunities.

How Does the Full Moon Affect us? 

You’re not alone if you have trouble sleeping during a Full Moon.

During this phase, emotions run high, and we feel more frantic and sensitive than usual, leading us to act impulsively or be moodier.

After all, Full Moons are very intense times when we connect with the cosmic energy of the Universe. This phase entails a profound process of transformation that affects one or more areas of our lives.

What are the Benefits of Full Moon Rituals?

Full Moon rituals are ways to connect to the natural rhythms of the cosmic dance. It helps us calm our emotions and channel them into a productive direction. 

They will also help you become aware of those relationships and projects that no longer fulfill you and that you need to let go of in order to welcome other opportunities.

15 Full Moon Rituals to Try This Next Full Moon

1. Make moon water.

Take a glass of water and put it under the full moonlight so it can soak up its power. It doesn’t matter whether inside or outside your house; anywhere with moonlight will do.

Then, say a positive affirmation over the container to seal your intention. Leave it overnight, and in the morning will be ready to use!

You can use it for bathing, drinking, or even watering your plants.

2. Charge your crystals.

Full moon offers an excellent opportunity to clean your crystals and charge them. 

Just place them under the light of the moon overnight, and they’ll be ready in the morning.

3. Hold a full moon circle.

These kinds of reunions are excellent ways for friends to get together and work with the full moon energy.

You can make this circle as unique as possible, but don’t forget to set intentions, clear your energy, and share your emotional experiences with each other.

4. Do an oracle or tarot card reading.

Full Moons enhance our psychic gifts, making them powerful times for divination. So you can tap into your intuition with a tarot card reading.

Grab your favorite oracle deck and ask them to advise you during this moment of your life. The card you pull will give you the inspiration and guidance you need to move forward.

5. Take a full moon bath.

Take an extra special bath during the full moon to connect with its powerful energy. Say your full moon intentions aloud while you relax in the tub.

Visualize the full moon energies restoring your body and aligning your thoughts with your heart’s desires.

6. Do a full moon meditation.

Full Moons are fruitful moments for meditating since the connection with our higher self is more powerful. 

Before engaging in any other ritual, do a short meditation to align your mind with the goals you want to accomplish.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place and then close your eyes and feel the power of the moon filling the room and your body.

Breath deeply and imagine the moonlight purifying your mind, body, and spirit. 

After a few minutes, try to open your eyes slowly and repeat as many times you feel necessary before the full moon reaches its peak.

7. Try a full moon manifestation ritual.

Full moons help you manifest your intentions quicker. A manifestation ritual can make your desires more solid and help you make them a reality.

Gather some objects that contain the energy of whatever you want to manifest. This could be a book, picture, crystal, or anything you like.

Then, put them in a special place or altar and meditate in from of it for a few minutes. Let go of any judgment while you picture yourself unlocking a stream of abundance in your life.

8. Release what’s no longer serving you.

Full moons are often related to releasing those things that no longer serve you. You can do this by engaging in a releasing ritual.

For example, write down everything you want to let go of during this full moon. This can be a relationship, object, project, or even a feeling.

Then, take a moment to visualize how you would feel after releasing these things from your life.

Afterward, burn the piece of paper under the full moon and close out the ritual by thanking the moon for helping you in this process.

9. Do a full moon love ritual.

If love is your primary concern during this full moon, you can make a honey jar spell to help you get what you are looking for in this department.

Put some honey, alcohol, rose petals, herbs, and a crystal of your choice into a jar. Then write your love intention on a piece of paper and place it in the jar.

Close the lid and shake everything up while you visualize your intention. You can raise your energy by dancing, chanting, or playing an instrument.

After the candle burns down, throw out the jar in a garbage can, knowing your spell is complete.

10. Journal.

Full moons are great times to do some journaling. Write down whatever goes through your mind, but prioritize those themes you want to manifest or release.

Ask yourself:

What’s stopping me from living the life of my dreams?

How can I let go of the things that no longer serve me?

What things do I want to attract in my life?

11. Get outside.

Spend time outside to soak up the power of the full moon. A great way to align with your intentions is to connect with nature and incorporate some of these rituals into your outing.

You can meditate under the moon, journal while lying in the grass, or do a tarot reading in your garden.

12. Try a breathwork visualization.

Close your eyes and picture the new moon. Then, as you inhale, imagine the new moon slowly waxing until it reaches its peak while you finish inhaling.

Hold your breath at the top while you visualize the full moon and its bright light filling your body.

As you exhale, picture the moon waning while letting go of everything you want to release.

13. Do a self-love ritual.

Begin the ritual by stretching your body or taking a couple of deep breaths.

Then, choose cleansing water like rose water, moon water, or anyone you prefer, and sit in from of a mirror.

Wipe the mirror with your water while you visualize clearing away all illusions and blockages preventing you from loving yourself.

Close the ritual by thanking the moon and yourself for holding you in self-love.

14. Clean your environments

Full moons mark a massive build-up of emotions and energy. This makes it a fruitful time to cleanse your environments to remove any of that built-up energy you don’t want to harness anymore.

Smudge your house with some sacred herbs, and then take a long bath to unwind.

Play a Tibetan bowls playlist in the background to make close the ritual and thank the moon for helping you in the process.

15. Check your to-do list

Full Moons are perfect times to check your to-do list of the month and check in its progress. If you see that you are closer to accomplishing your goals, continue taking steps to keep going.

Be proactive and create a plan to get there faster. If some of the goals don’t resonate with you anymore, this is a proper time to cross them out of your list.

Don’t cling to who you were when you created this to-do list. Embrace your current self and modify what you think is necessary.

What Are The 3 things You Should Avoid During a Full Moon?

1. Don’t rush to start something new

Full Moons can make you feel encouraged and boost your enthusiasm. However, it’s not advisable to start new things at that moment. 

Resist the urge to embark on new ventures or make important decisions. Full moons are times of completion, so focus on harvesting the fruits of the seeds you sowed during the new moon.

Wait for two more weeks to start something new during the next new moon. It will help you dive into these new activities more efficiently.

2. Don’t overreact

Full moons make our emotions run high, but don’t worry. Everyone is going through the same process. You might be more touchy than usual but remember that everyone else too.

So avoid overreacting over trivial things. Take a few deep breaths and think things through instead of acting impulsively.

3. Don’t make any rash decisions

Full moons are emotional, energetic, and stirring times. You could be tempted to act impulsively, but you might regret it in a few weeks.

Slow down and fully process what you are about to do before committing to it. Be patient, and you won’t have to deal with the consequences later on.

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