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Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

If against most odds the fundamentally incompatible Aries and Virgo decide to build upon a loving relationship, there must have been a steady build-up to a deep friendship first as their immediate personalities described by the sun signs are quite the opposite of what most often draws two people together.

Shared interests, values and a healthy chemistry are not the elements that will magnetize or impress them. Yet with enough personal freedom and the excitement of unpredictability they have the possibility of making a great team. And if it is through a shared cause and good cooperation, a romantic spark may very well be what gifts them a desire to be together. 

The combination of the cardinal and mutable elements makes them both willful to whatever cause they concern themselves with, so this would be their initial attraction and commonality. 

Then, with the given that they are almost opposing signs in the zodiac cycle, there is the powerful pull of opposites that attract each other. This does not always mean a relationship is the best outcome from that, as it often lacks a solid foundation of commonalities and mutual benefit to grow individually as a result of such a bond.

But with the knowledge that there are a lot more nuances and influences at play in the natal chart, a particular set of combinations from other planetary placements can lead to these individuals having an opportunity to develop intimacy and deeper appreciation to one another.

Drawn by their differences and yet both strongly focused on their own future, they need to learn how to not only share but also care for each other. 

To respect each other’s militant approach to their individual missions and have enough care to keep encouraging and supporting the other without being too repelled by the contrast is key to this relationship. 

If there is enough space for both visions and approaches to life to blossom in their beautiful potential, they opportune themselves with an extension of their sometimes stern ways and allow open-mindedness to bring flexibility and tolerance. 

And when they’re able to learn from their differences, a deeper care will arise in which they can put any animosity aside and even turn this into fascination.

Key in this relation is to see the gift of diversity and commit to intending to bring out the best in each other rather than criticizing or discriminating the most likely very disturbing characteristics.

To transcend the incompatibility of these sun signs, it is very important to both have plenty of personal space and time so they can further experience and develop the parts of their character and vision of life in which they are more compatible.

This brings them closer in certain areas and provide a counterbalance to the fields in which they clash.

As lovers, these signs act in different ways and may not impress each other that much romantically. 

The Aires in love is passionate, forward-moving and deeply devoted to bring out the best in the other by initiating new adventures they can explore together. 

And although these lovely traits are usually very well received, the Virgo prefers a more steady pace and needs more time to contemplate, analyze and motivate themselves to share their highly valued space. 

As an introvert, this earthy lover needs to feel like they are making the first moves and initiate the steps towards closeness.

They are more militant and sometimes unwelcoming about their boundaries and see a lot more value in their work than romance. This hesitance is not the most attractive trait a person can have for the adventure-loving and amorous Aries. 

They need more impulsiveness and mutual desire to excite them enough and put their energy in a romantic bond. Because the Aries is also highly judicious of when and where they contribute the devotion and love they carry within and cherish in pride.  

Usually the increase of consideration and gentleness happens when they move from a friendship into a sexual relationship, while for the Virgo this ignites in the opposite direction. 

Through their thorough analysis they decide whether another person is worthy and authorized enough to come closer in their otherwise very private space. 

Although an Aries likes the chase for a short while, their impatience easily drives them in another direction when their object of desire takes not only too much time and thus disenchants their excitement, but also carries too many demands from their high standard. 

The Aries sees no spontaneity in this and on top of that has a strong reluctance to changing their priorities and nature. This is something that a Virgo often pushes through and advocates for. 

This impatience and unwillingness to be acute, critical and in control of the primal urges is a big turn-off to the clean and modest Virgo. They know that impulsiveness easily triggers heat and chaos, two things they are fundamentally disheartened about. 

A partner with a healthy amount of self-control and intelligence is a must, and although the Aries evolves strongly in these qualities through the self-improvement they eagerly seek, it is not what they usually showcase in their intensity and youthful personality. 

Yet for the potential of intellectual cooperation they are capable of having, there is a probable appeal between a matured Aries and an easy-going and supple Virgo. 

When they share similar interests on work and in philosophical topics, the Aries and Virgo can have awakening conversations in which they challenge each other’s active mind and bring forth interesting debates and informative reviews that can be entertaining to them both.

They amuse each other with their wit, and the shared sense of humor amuses them with clever banter.

This flow of energy leads often to very innovative ideas and can very well add valuable visions to their purpose and work-ambition. 

Having a common cause to fight for is probably the most prosperous connection they can have. 

They both value hard work and ambition and concern themselves with social causes to be of service to the world a lot. 

Their work-approach is very different, but their ardent work ethic unites beautifully. 

Providing clear and accurate information is what makes the fire and earth element work well, because the clarity of this objectivity provides a solid foundation for them both to flourish on. 

In a joint business they give lots of meaning and effectivity or usefulness to their work and everyday life. This happens only in constructive, positive and concrete communication, of course. 

On top of this commonality lies the nice given that the concern around health by a Virgo, and the moveable nature of an Arian work well in any activities they partake together. Any doing that has a positive effect on their health and provides a fun outlet for the Aries-energy is an experience they might both enjoy. 

In this playful and light setting they can spark some humor on the irony of their differences. 

The values they share are vastly different, and yet they’re almost equally as passionate about improving the world around them.

Arians highly rate bravery and attitude, while the Virgo values tradition and intelligence. 

In this freedom of critique both partners can find relaxation and actually enjoy each other’s company. 

So there is another key to making this combo work and navigate any risk of pulling their hair out of frustration and annoyance; keeping things light and filled with humor. 

This way the Aries and Virgo can have an either short- or longterm fun experience. By not taking their possible potential too serious and be focused on the disappointed of their incompatibility, but rather celebrate what you appreciate in one another.

Intelligence is one mutual attraction, and luckily both these signs usually carry a healthy amount of that. 

After building a connection on these intellectually stimulating experiences together can they decide whether or not it’s be a positive addition for them to further the bond into a more intimate journey. 

Willpower is their mutual strength, and so neither of them is easily persuaded into something they don’t feel 100% hopeful and merry about. 

They both need lots of tolerance to put up with the traits that most every person in their sun signs will carry as either subtly hidden or sometimes strongly exposed characteristics. 

For an Aries that is being acceptant of the Virgo’s prudish, contemplative, analytical, solid and often frigid nature which will make them feel restricted and trigger impatience or frustration. 

They need to learn how to find a different outlet for this and not bombard the already prudent Virgo with anger or rage. 

An the Virgo will have to put up with their undesired Aries-qualities like impulsiveness, a bold nature and risky, passionate, wild desires that they will undoubtedly follow and assert. 

Despite their tendency to do so, it is highly recommendable for them not to try to correct, criticize or bring unwanted advice to an Aries for they will eventually snap. They do not obey to any authority and dislike bossy people for they will always want to take the lead over their own life. 

Respect each other’s ways, because you both tend to be stuck in them and rightfully so. These two signs are highly efficient and drive on their effectiveness in the outside world.

The Aries provokes and ignites spark, while the Virgo provides structure and logistics. 

In harmony and acceptance an Aries may learn some valuable ways on how to finish their plans and follow through in a more grounded way. 

And the Virgo benefits from seeing how walking on the wild side can spark their deeply hidden fantasies. Bringing these forward is best done with the always up for adventure Aries and will be highly appreciated and supported. 

On a last note, their lovemaking might take some time to become even half as passionate as their arguments. 

Their sexual connection is, generally speaking, and simply put, quite clumsy and often dull.

They have different needs, desires and sentiment around sexuality, so the heat of this area of connection is not often robustly ignited. 

The Aries wants passion and exploration, is very physical and loves any newness and risky, frisky playfulness.Virgo’s on the contrary, need a lot of verbal stimulation and a slow, responsible and cognitive approach to their primal urges. 

Arians need to connect with a person that brings excitement and has a lively sexual identity to feel turned on, so the rather prudent partner with a Virgo sun sign will therefor seem almost asexual to them. 

Taking time to talk over everything is very counterintuitive to them, but a necessity for the Virgo and thus worthy of a chance.

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